ART PRINT by SLAVA TCH - $88 (London)

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condition: good

23" x 38.5" has some minor damage on corners, one part of the frame behind could
use a bit of repair, but the art is in decent overall condition, a cool piece in any space

Viatcheslav Tchistiline, Russian artist known as Slava Tch, was born into
a creative family as both his older brother and uncle are artists.

Viatcheslav studied Fine Arts at Kharkov State University in Ukraine and
continued his education at the prestigious Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute,
graduating with a masters degree in Fine Arts. He started his career as a full time
professional artist in Russia alongside his wife Natalia Tchistilina, who also
graduated from Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute with a masters degree in
Fine Arts. As a full time professional artists, they participated in many art shows
across Europe and Russia. Many of their paintings are part of public and private
collections around the world.

After moving to Canada in 1995 with his family, Viatcheslav and his wife Natalia
registered a business name Slava TCH: Slava means in Russian Glory and TCH
stands for Tone, Color, Harmony. Altogether Slava TCH stands for the Glory of Tone,
Color and Harmony. They lived and painted together until Natalia's passing in 2011.

Today, Viatcheslav continues their family tradition by painting in encaustic, a complicated
process that includes the sculpting of melting wax and pigments to create luminous 3-dimensional
worlds, in which neo-primitivism and abstract symbolism combine to express an idealized yearning
by the artist. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes, the artist encountered in his many trips across
Canada, USA and Europe, he depicts places that seem both mythical, surreal and sacramental.
They awaken the imagination and take the spectator on a journey across the world and then
back home, reminding the collector to enjoy every moment of life.

Artist Statement:
"I am fascinated by the colorful, bright and changeable free forms of nature, which I am trying
to convey in my paintings. I talk to my audience not through forms and volumes, but through
vivid colors and emotions on canvas. My artworks are emotionally, even lyrically, full of
expression and color. I aspire to add a new palette of colors to nature, projecting it onto my
spiritual and emotional life. Deep blossoming colors and lines, with their boundless splendor
and majesty, this is my being, my beautiful and tragic world."

- Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute (now renamed academy), Kharkov, Ukraine
- City of Kursk, Department of Culture, Russia
- City of Kursk, Facilities and Property Management, Russia
- Commercial Centre Osterman, Witten, Germany
- Atrium Centre, Berlin, Germany
- City Hall, Berlin, Germany
- City Hall, Witten, Germany
- Art Gallery "Arbat", Moscow, Russia
- Private collections in Germany, France, USA, Bulgaria, Russia, England, Canada, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine

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